In the last few months, Gadi Evron, wrote (with other professionals like Ophir Harpaz and Ohad Zaidenberg a paper to help women enter the world of cyber security. Gadi is a very senior and experienced in the field of cyber security and fulfilled multiple roles in it, and he is also a very good friend of mine.

This paper is meant to provide information about various roles and positions in the industry. But, at the same time, it also demolishes some myths like specific scores required in your degree or service in any specific military unit.

This paper is in Hebrew (at least for now) and carries over 131 pages that include information about different roles, study material, and even how to handle a job interview.

This is still a draft and a WIP (Work in Progress) and requires some serious editing; that’s part of the reason it was decided to be published now, to get help from the rest of the community (editing and\or translation to additional languages).

You can find the document in Google Docs here.

and in a PDF version here.


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